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    What is OFS Portal?

    OFS Portal is a group of diverse suppliers working together with a non-profit objective to provide standardized electronic information to B2B trading partners to facilitate eCommerce in upstream oil and gas products and services.

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    What is the industry saying?

    “It’s because of OFS Portal that we got introduced to the idea of B2B Integration and have been able to make it a reality in a short span of time. The usage of common PIDX standard ensures a win-win for us and our partners as the benefits of online collaboration can be realized faster.” - Nilesh Jain, Head – Business Transformation Group, Cairn India Limited (OFS Portal Buyer).

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    What is the industry saying?

    "Initiatives like OFS Portal send a clear message to the e-commerce industry that OFS Portal Members, like trading partners in other industries, want interoperability and efficiency. We should always be looking for ways to promote e-commerce providers that offer the flexibility to allow customers to choose the best provider for a particular service without locking in either trading partner or forcing one to absorb the other's costs.” - Christian Lanng, CEO of Tradeshift (OFS Portal Network)

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Resource Library

OFS Portal is in a unique position within the industry to view best practices and lessons learned across the entire “requisition to pay” process.


Members can create customizable, confidential electronic catalog content and easily distribute to oil companies in the OFS Portal buyer community.

Integration Competency Center (ICC)

OFS Portal's Integration Competency Center is your clearinghouse for integration information. Our relationships with suppliers, buyers, and networks enable us to help your company keep on top of the latest integration trends.

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Membership is open to any oilfield supplier with activities in the upstream oil and gas sector. Find out more